yes. mixed feelings.

love to travel. I do. But going back home is always such a relief. Back to my white-bread world. My comfort zone.

But, let’s go one step back. The night before the flight, what will you be doing?

Packing. This time even worse than packing before traveling. Try to re-pack the clothes — or should I say dirty laundry! All clothes become thicker with wrinkle, so it’s almost impossible to pack them tidily.

Add also souvenirs. Scarf for mom, shirt for dad, T-shirts for brothers and sisters, chocolate for colleague, etc.

And you are still wondering why you need more bags?

After finish packing, you lay down in your hotel room. Thinking of many things.

Shit! I have an early meeting on Monday. And those reports… OH my God!

Holiday is over. Please, please, please don’t be over now, I don’t want to go back to work. (But then earth…

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